Former Child Star Evan Ellingson Dead at 35

Former Child Star Evan Ellingson Dead at 35

Evan Ellingson, a former child actor famed for his roles in ‘CSI: Miami’ and ‘My Sister’s Keeper,’ has tragically died at the age of 35. Ellingson, who initiated his acting career at the tender age of 13, exited the entertainment industry around 2010. His death was confirmed when he was discovered lifeless in Fontana, California, on a Sunday, as reported by HuffPost.

Evan’s father, Michael, was able to give a bit more detail — telling media, Evan was found at a sober-living home. We’re told he’d struggled with drugs in the past, but was doing better of late — and that his sudden passing comes as a complete shock to the family.

Evan Ellingson, the former child actor recognised for his performances in ‘CSI: Miami’ and the film ‘My Sister’s Keeper,’ has died at the age of 35. Evan, who started his acting career at the age of 13, departed from the entertainment industry around 2010.

The exact cause of his death is currently pending, as per records from the San Bernardino coroner’s office.His father, Michael Ellingson, informed TMZ that Evan had been living in a sober home before his unfortunate death. He acknowledged his son’s past battles with substance abuse but emphasised that Evan had been improving recently, making his sudden death even more startling for his loved ones.

He’d gotten his start in showbiz at the age of 13 with a small role in a TV movie as well as a guest appearance on ‘General Hospital.’ From there, EE went on to act in shows like ‘Titus,’ ‘That Was Then,’ ‘Mad TV,’ ‘Complete Savages,’ ‘Bones,’ ’24’ and others.

Ellingson also acted in a handful of films, such as ‘Walk the Talk,’ ‘Letters from Iwo Jima,’ ‘The Bondage,’ ‘Confession,’ ‘Rules of the Game,’ ‘Time Changer,’ ‘The Gristle’ and more.

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