Here is the facts about Ananya and Akki’s alleged romance in upcoming film


In a recent filing by a popular media portal there was mention of Ananya Panday and Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film, with talks of the two actors romancing each other, something that was far off the mark.

In a rather tasteless way, the portal brought up the ages of the two actors, commenting on the massive age gap between the two stars. However, an inside source came out to quash these rumours, saying that the two stars were just colleagues in the film, with no romantic article involved.

On seeing the article, fans took to social media in response to these rumours, calling them baseless and in poor taste. Taking the popular social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) by storm, fans rose in support of both Akshay Kumar as well as Ananya Panday, quoting an inside source that mentioned the two actors were merely playing colleagues in the film, nothing more.

Fans were particularly angered by the mention of the two actors’ ages, calling the article ageist, and talking about how in the industry, age is merely a number, and should not affect how people relate to actors on screen.

This is not the first time media portals have posted false information about Bollywood stars, sigh Akshay Kumar in particular being a previous victim. In an era where social media is taken so seriously, media portals should really focus more on fact checking than sensationalising.

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