Malayalam Actress Lakshmika Sajeevan, 24, Dies Due To Heart Attack

Lakshmika Sajeevan

In an unfortunate news, Malayalam actress Lakshmika Sajeevan passed away at the age of 24. This news has come as a shock to the film industry as the young actress was known for her acting prowess and had just made a mark for herself in the industry.

Lakshmika Sajeevan passed away on Friday in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, according to reports which also added that she died due to a sudden heart attack. Reportedly, she was working at a bank in Sharjah.

Lakshmika Sajeevan most notable work is the Malayalam short film Kaakka in which she played the lead role of Panchami. For her work in the film, she was praised by the audience and the critics alike.

Lakshmika Sajeevan

Lakshmika Sajeevan famous work :

She has worked in films like Puzhayamma, Panchavarnathathaa, Saudi Vellakka, Uyare, Oru Kuttanadan Blog, Oru Yamandan Premakatha, and Nityaharitha Nayagan. Her last work was a film titled Koon, which was directed by Prasanth B Molickal, and released in 2021. She also gained praise for her portrayal of Devyani’s teacher in the movie Puzhayamma. It was released in 2021 and was directed by Vijeesh Mani.

Fans are expressing their condolences by writing “Rest in peace” on her last Instagram post, which was shared on November 2. It is captioned, “HOPE. Light despite all of the darkness.”

Lakshmika Sajeevan

Lakshmika Sajeevan is known for playing the role of a neglected girl in the film Kaakka. In the film, her character is shown to be dark-skinned with big teeth because of which she is badly treated by others, as well as her family. Kaakka was directed by Aju Ajeesh and was made under the banners of Vellithira Productions, 9 am Shibu K Moideen Productions and NNG Films. The cast also included Ganga Surendran, Satish Ambadi, Sreela Nalledam and Vipin Neel. According to reports, the film gained more than 6 million views on the OTT app Neestream. It was released on April 14, 2021.

Lakshmika Sajeevan

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